The Massage School of Santa Monica offers a complete course in basic therapeutic massage, an advanced massage therapist course, as well as a comprehensive selection of advanced continuing education workshops. Experienced instructors trained in a variety of professional specialties emphasize a balance of theory and practice, science and intuition.

The Massage Therapist Course (150 hours – 94 hours Practical / 56 hours Lecture) provides a thorough foundation in basic massage therapy. The technique studied is a highly effective approach based on the balanced integration of classic European circulatory massage, contemporary mind-body, sensory awareness techniques and modern scientific massage.

The Massage School of Santa Monica is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley we are the Massage School of Santa Monica. An established school founded in Santa Monica California in 1974 by Bernadette Gessner. We have now relocated to our Valley Glen Campus and kept our landmark namesake Massage School of Santa Monica.